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Welcome Kythara institute for Arts


With our headquarters in Cairo, Kythara’s work takes us into diverse communities locally and around the world, to widen access to dance and to share the benefits and wellbeing that it brings while we maintain close ties to ballet with our internationally -taught RAD syllabus & Russian syllabus, our outreach programs provide opportunities for dance to students from age 4 to secondary school pupils across Egypt, classes for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and for elder dancers to keep active with our popular silver tutu classes (adult class). Our 42 branches will allow us to welcome more people into our home for dance and for us to strengthen our connections with our community.

We empower people through dance education and enjoyment and

believe that everybody should have the opportunity to learn how to dance.


Our mission to cultivate a love for ballet and art in my students by offering comprehensive training, encouraging self-expression, and fostering a collaborative and supportive community. Through a combination of technical instruction, creative exploration, and performance opportunities, I aim to instill discipline, self-confidence, and a lifelong appreciation for the arts. I am committed to nurturing the next generation of talented dancers and artists, empowering them to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful contribution to the world of arts..


our vision is to foster a deep love and appreciation for both ballet and art, while nurturing the creative spirit within each student. Our mission is to provide a holistic and transformative experience, where aspiring dancers and artists can thrive and reach their

fullest potential..

I believe that every individual has a unique talent waiting to be discovered and developed, and I am dedicated to helping my students discover their own artistic voice


Respectful of our heritage: We ensure the rich heritage of the School is at the heart of our training

One team: We support each other, creating a warm, nurturing environment for students to maximise their potential

Student focused: Students are at the heart of everything, we do at the School and their training and welfare are the basis of all decisions

Learning through the arts inspires joy, opens doors to self-discovery, and builds bridges to life-long learning

All students can benefit from a toned body, mental discipline, advanced coordination, artistry, and gracefulness

Our school is a place where dance, art, music, drama, and history intersect

Our school seeks to produce not only superior dancers but exemplary human beings

Our school seeks to foster an inclusive and welcoming community where each student can grow and reach their potential in a caring, wholesome, and supportive environment

Our school embraces creative risk-taking through the development and production of new choreography

The arts promote peace in our world, and so we seek to create exchange programs throughout the country and world where our young artists can serve as ambassadors of this community

The arts are irreplaceable avenues for expressing the full measure of what it is to be human, and we advocate for the arts in all of our lives.

Schedule Times


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
1:00 PM - year 1, 2(classic) -
2:00 PM year 5 (classic) year 2 ,1( modern ) -
3:00 PM year 3,4 ( classic) year 5 (pointe&allegro) pre 2 (classic)
4:00 PM year 6,7,8,9( stretching) year,3 classic pre 2 (modern)
5:00 PM year 7,8,9 ( classic) year 6 (classic) -


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
4:00 PM magic art - -
5:00 PM magic art folk troup -
6:00 PM - modern troup -
7:00 PM gyminastcis modern troup -


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
5:00 PM - - class P.tutu (claasic )
6:00 PM year 6 (modern) year 3,4 (classic) class W.tutu (claasic )
7:00 PM year 6,7,8,9 (pointe-ale year 5 (stretching) year 3,4 (character)
8:00 PM year 5 (modern) ouzi year 7,8,9(character) -


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
5:00 PM pre 2 (classic) year 2,1 (classic) classic troup
6:00 PM pre 2 (history) year 2,1(history) classic troup
7:00 PM class B.swan (classic) - gyminastcis
8:00 PM class S.swan(classic) - -


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
6:00 PM year 3,4 modern year 6 (classic) cako -
7:00 PM year 7,8,9 (classic) year 5,6 (character) year 3,4 (pointe-allegro)
8:00 PM year7,8,9 ( modern) year 5 ( calssic) omar class B.swan


Times Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
4:00 PM class B.swan (classic) - -
5:00 PM pre 2 (classic) year 2 ,1 (stretching) class P.tutu (claasic )
6:00 PM pre 2 (stretcing ) year 2 ,1(classic) class W.tutu (claasic )
7:00 PM - - -
8:00 PM class S.swan(classic - -
Tutu Ballet
Ballet professional school (BPS)
Ballet Tree
Fashion Design
Latin Dance
Bollywood Dance
Creative movement
Recycling workshop
Magic Art
Music instrument
Ballet Swans
Gymnastics Aerobics
Mix Dance
Ballet School (NC)
Ballet Privet
Ballet TuTu Offer




  • Training period: 26 day
  • Sessions: 8

910 E.P

Quarter term

  • Training period: 100 day
  • Sessions: 45

5250 E.P

school monthly

  • Training period: 27 day
  • Sessions: 12

1750 E.P

(Ballet School (Year 4

  • Training period: 113 day
  • Sessions: 45

0 E.P

Ballet Privet

  • Training period: 1 day
  • Sessions: 1

300 E.P

Ballerina (Year 1)

  • Training period: 45 day
  • Sessions: 45

0 E.P

Ballet TuTu Offer

  • Training period: 30 day
  • Sessions: 4

400 E.P

Ballet TuTu

  • Training period: 30 day
  • Sessions: 4

600 E.P

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